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The models the lucky ones! When it ends, Pepe is in tears. Blanca is in heaven. And Celine is saying that next year, if she is on tour in Europe, she will ask to have the whole week of the shows off from performing. Celine Dion is frustrated by fashion's current revolving door policy, the relentless firings and hirings at the top amen to that! She is concerned that "the dream" of elegance is disappearing, for as much fun as she had in her beloved Vetements Titanic sweatshirt and we have Law Roach for that brilliant post-ironic gesture!

Mostly she laments the red carpet hordes with the incessant questions about whose clothes and jewels one is wearing. Fashion is public for Celine; jewelry is personal. Sometimes, when she is at home in Las Vegas and missing her partner Rene, she slips on a caftan and all her jewels, and quietly retreats to her bath, sans children, sans fans, sans circus. In the minutes before her show at the AccorHotels Arena at Bercy, Celine Dion is presented with an award by the French division of Sony for her francophone release Encore un soir.

Dion thanks the clutch of executives assembled avec champagne and macaroons in the green room hell, this is Paris after all and reminds them quietly that this award means even so much more because the recording was her first without Rene and made during the most raw and difficult of times. Now it is a "diamond," meaning it has sold over k in France.

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Except for people in France who adore Celine, that is, nearly 20k of which are soon singing along--every lyric, every song--to their beloved diva. For a stadium show it is an extremely personal affair--everyone cries! Rene-Charles, aged 16, raps the King of Pop's spoken word bits, and when he is finished the twins, Nelson and Eddy, make a smiling cameo.

Her children are not in the business--"I am not that kind of mother"--but they travel with her on tour and share some of her passions. Rene-Charles loves music and shoes "the apple did not fall far from the tree" and, like her, habitually over packs. On this tour he has brought 70 pairs of sneakers. The 6-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy love to dress up, as kids do, and recently asked to have their hair cut and styled like James Brown.

Yes, that James Brown.

Tres difficile! She then clocked Z's picture on the red carpet and in magazines. So she googled "who is Zendaya's stylist," as one does, and found Law Roach. BBC2 October Rampage RAMP 1 Johnny Pearson; Johnny Pearson and his Orchestra [b]. The Original Music from the TV series and other favourite favourite themes. Distr Selecta. All titles Pearson xwos. Wien: Universal Edition London: Oxford University Press Thomas Weelkes [?

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  8. New York: Bourne Inc RCA NL Padre Padrone on MD Marcello Mastrioanni stars as Fulvio, a middle-aged man swept up in a extremist political movement. The more he protests that he wants no part of politics, the deeper he becomes enmeshed in the Cause. This film might make an intriguing companion piece to the earlier Mastrioanni film The Organizer 63 , in which he portrays one of the very radical types that his character in Allonsanfan so zealously repudiates.

    The title, by the way, is the phonetic spelling of "Alons enfants," the first two words of the French "Marseillaise. United Artists UAS Frituna FRLP Bruce Rowland [m]; Melbourne Symphony Orchestra [b]. London: Schott Full details, see CD inlay biota Capital Radio SRP3 svtp nr 1 feb 78 Charles Leech [ed]. The Metasemiotics of Classical Music and Film - 1. Philips 1st rec ADD Bernard Haitink [cb]; Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra [b]. London: Eulenburg EE Tondichtung nach Friedrich Nietzsche for full orchestra. SRTV1 ? Peter Horton [m].

    Old detective and younger assistants solves murders usually in bourgeois homes. SvTV1 ? Questioning the Baronness [] ? Hjort Anders [m]. Fonit Cetra All lyrics Fiori. Music by Martini 1,2,6,7; Fabbri 3,9; Leddi 4,5,8. CD version produced Sky Channel January Amadeus Quartet [b]. London: Novello n. SvTV2 Federico Fellini's warmly nostalgic memory piece examines daily life in the Italian village of Rimini during the reign of Mussolini, and won the Academy Award as Best Foreign Film. The film's greatest asset is its ability to be sweet without being cloying, due in great part to Danilo Donati's surrealistic art direction and to the frequently bawdy injections of sex and politics by screenwriters Fellini and Tonino Guerra.

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    Fellini clearly has deep affection for the people of this seaside village, warts and all, and communicates it through episodic visual anecdotes which are seen as if through the mists of a favorite dream, playfully scored by Nino Rota and lovingly photographed by Giuseppe Rotunno. Amarcord is a rich gem of a film which only improves on subsequent viewings.

    In A Minute

    Little surprise, then, that it is a poignant and bawdy semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale, with an ethereal, dreamlike quality that combines sharply drawn memories with vividly engaging fantasy. Like William Wordsworth, Fellini implies that the child is father to the man, and Amarcord is a both a lament for and an homage to his hometown.

    No mere sentimentalist, he also tackles the prickly issue of the emergence of Fascism. The film takes careful aim at fanatics, while conserving its empathy for the lost, questing, confused, and lonely individuals in its midst. The family at the center of it all, loosely based on Fellini's own, is a well-drawn melange of coarse, pathetic, colorful, clever, and cranky characters. While Fellini does not choose nostalgic sepia tones, he does shoot much of the film in muted colors that seem slightly out-of-focus, as if he were attempting to transport us into a dreamlike state.

    Blending scenes of pathos and humor, vulgar carnal desire and transcendent magical illumination the peacock's standing in the newly fallen snow, spreading its magnificent plumage is this film's signature image , Amarcord won the lion's share of 's Best Foreign Film awards, including the New York Film Critics Circle, the National Board of Review, the Golden Globe, and the Academy Award, and it remains a triumph of personal filmmaking. CAM Paolo Prato [ed]. More details, see CD inlay. Nino Rota [arr]; Federico Fellini [dir].

    Corporation of Public Broadcasting John Newton [] [w]. Atlantic Alan Silvestri [m]. Fr K Full details in A4 file. A climax at a gymnastics competition highlights this sports-themed drama. Steve Olympic champion Mitch Gaylord finds his hopes for a successful career are in doubt when his family relationships suddenly fall apart. He and his father are continually at odds while his younger brother and mother can do nothing about it. Gymnast Julie Lloyd Janet Jones arrives on the scene and a romantic liaison with Steve is in the works. A big championship competition looms ahead on the horizon as both Steve and Julie prepare for a final challenge.

    Other music credits at end. Noted theater director Sam Mendes, who was responsible for the acclaimed revival of Cabaret and Nicole Kidman's turn in The Blue Room, made his motion picture debut with this film about the dark side of an American family, and about the nature and price of beauty in a culture obsessed with outward appearances. Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a man in his mids going through an intense midlife crisis; he's grown cynical and is convinced that he has no reason to go on.

    Lester's relationship with his wife Caroline Annette Bening is not a warm one; while on the surface Caroline strives to present the image that she's in full control of her life, inside she feels empty and desperate. Their teenage daughter Jane Thora Birch is constantly depressed, lacking in self-esteem, and convinced that she's unattractive.

    Her problems aren't helped by her best friend Angela Mena Suvari , an aspiring model who is quite beautiful and believes that that alone makes her a worthwhile person. Jane isn't the only one who has noticed that Angela is attractive: Lester has fallen into uncontrollable lust for her, and she becomes part of his drastic plan to change his body and change his life. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the same neighborhood, Colonel Fitts Chris Cooper has spent a lifetime in the Marine Corps and can understand and tolerate no other way of life, which makes life difficult for his son Ricky Wes Bentley , an aspiring filmmaker and part-time drug dealer who is obsessed with beauty, wherever and whatever it may be.

    American Beauty was also the screen debut for screenwriter Alan Ball. A darkly comic critique of suburban stupor with a measured touch of redemption, American Beauty became the most laureled film of Anchored by Kevin Spacey's gleefully sardonic yet sensitively attuned performance as doomed "seeker" Lester, the superb ensemble cast of adults and teens including Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Chris Cooper and newcomers Wes Bentley and Mena Suvari navigate the myriad dysfunctions with wit and flashes of pathos. Complementing the voiced desire for some kind of escape, Lester's and video voyeur Ricky Fitts' search for beauty in the mundane, whether in rose petal-strewn dreams or grainy images of a dancing bag, is given luminous life by veteran cinematographer Conrad L.

    Despite the complaint from a few critics that it did not truly "look closer" at the terrain previously covered by The Ice Storm , Happiness , and Blue Velvet , American Beauty garnered several critics' circle prizes and a fistful of Golden Globes on the way to winning the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Cinematography.

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    Tears, "shut up! In bed. Angela naked. Girls in car [] 06 Welcome to the neighbourhood. Gay neighbours [] 06 Ricky's home. Marines show w song on TV [] 07 I'm just curious. Schoolyard pants-down story. Ricky and Janie [] 08 My personal hero. X-fade music to party Latin jazz. King of Real Estate. Outside w joint [] 09 I love root beer.