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  3. 1 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit – Jeanette Winterson

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  • Love Island makes history with its first-ever same-sex coupling.
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  • 21 Novels With Lesbian Characters That You Need To Read, According To People On Reddit.

A coming-of-age story set in Antigua, Annie John follows its heroine through her childhood and into adolescence, when her relationship with her mother becomes strained. Trans heroine Maria thinks she's finally found a stable life in New York City, until her girlfriend's lies come to light. Hurt and angry, she steals the other woman's car, buys some drugs, and flees to Nevada, where she meets someone she suspects may be trans as well.

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  • 21 Novels With Lesbian Characters That You Need To Read, According To People On Reddit;

Star musician Leontyne Blake has a tough time meeting women who don't want her for her image, but she might have found exactly the right person for her in Holly, her father's nurse, who happens to be asexual. This steampunk novel centers on Karen, a young sex worker, who gets involved with a woman on the run from a mind-controlling psychopath in Seattle. When Meg moves into Bay West, a lesbian community in the suburbs of New York City, she realizes that finding someone to spend the rest of her life with need not come at the expense of her career. In Washington, D.

Joseph McCarthy's pursuit of communists and homosexuals rages on. After her family is torn apart by the Cultural Revolution, Ni Niuniu retreats into her own private world, feeling that she is unable to cope with the upheaval happening outside her home. Sri Lankan-Americans Lucky and Krishna present picture-perfect happiness to their conservative relatives, but each one knows the other is gay, and have opened their marriage up to outside partners.

But when Lucky reconnects with her first lover, Nisha, the carefully structured image she and Krishna have created might come crashing down. Evadne discovers a world of magic and mayhem hidden beneath Victorian London in this novel from Vermilion author Molly Tanzer. Abby isn't looking for love.

In fact, she's quite content to run her plus-size fashion blog and pursue a stylish career. But when she lands an internship at a local boutique and falls for fellow intern Jordi, who is her opposition in the contest to win a job at the store, Abby's simple life gets complicated. The first book in Shira Glassman's Mangoverse series centers on Shulamit, a reluctant, year-old monarch who finds the friend she needs in Rivka, a fierce warrior who pretends to be a man.

Sal is a true artificial intelligence, the last of a dying, outlawed breed, and she's gone downhill since the death of her old master. Then robot specialist Clara wanders into Sal's place of business, and their lives may never be the same. Leila's Iranian-American heritage makes her stand out at her private school, so she's thankful that she hasn't been forced to come out to her classmates. Taking it as a challenge, I went out in search of queer lady protagonists, taking suggestions from friends and scouring the catalog at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Below Her Mouth (2016)

Some of the books I found were classics I had the pleasure of discovering for the first time, while others were cult favorites passed along with dog-eared pages and handwritten notes. Others I had to request be pulled up from the storage section of the library, their spines pristine, pages not yet read. Here are the 12 books I found, all worth revisiting or diving into for the first time this Pride Month.

Take them to the beach and get sand stuck between the pages. Read them as you drink your morning coffee, inviting queer women from different decades to hang out with you during your day.

21 Novels With Lesbian Characters That You Need To Read, According To People On Reddit

Show off their jackets on the subway, a little literary Dyke March. This recent novel about a midlife lesbian love triangle is just good, plain fun. I mean, I feel terrible about it, okay?

top 10 best lesbian movies of 2018 - ⚢ - IMBb

These poems about furtive first love and first loss unfurl like a novel to create a piercing elegy for Lena, a young queer woman who died before her time. You can read this collection in one sitting, and then return to it again and again for catharsis and for comfort. Ivoe Williams is born in a small Texas town populated by families of sharecroppers just before the turn of the century.

Top 10 Lesbian Books of · The Lesbian Review

That dream takes her to Austin, where she attends college, studies printing and typesetting, and begins to publish articles about the Jim Crow laws that keep her and her classmates at the back of the trolley cars. Barnett studied jazz and wrote lesbian erotica, and she flaunts both passions in the novel. We could use her right about now. In short, explosive chapters, an unnamed narrator whose sexuality eludes easy labels documents her descent into obsession, and the abyss that threatens to open up on the other side of lust. A reason to wake up in the morning.

Her straight-shooting prose captures the intimate moments between AIDS patients — a grandmother who contracted the virus from a blood transfusion, a man who always asks for cinnamon rolls — and the narrator, a home care worker who helps out by doing chores, running errands, and sometimes simply with the gift of company.

On the pool deck, Brenna Allen is a tough, no-nonsense swim coach, but at home she privately mourns the loss of her partner to cancer. When she recruits Babe, a hotshot swimmer who has suffered her own traumas, an unexpected romance blossoms between the team captain and the new recruit.

Could Babe be just what the team needs, not just when it comes to winning meets but also when it comes to healing hearts? As athletes at the collegiate and professional level still struggle to come out, this novel is a beautiful, messy reminder of what a team really could be. Move over Buffy and Bella. In this groundbreaking novel, a black lesbian vampire lives and loves from the s to well past our present day.

1 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit – Jeanette Winterson

Need I say more? Gomez was born to a black mother and a native father, and the intersectional activism that marks her life is at work here. Sarah Schulman is having a moment right now because of her award-winning non-fiction book Conflict Is Not Abuse , but Schulman has been writing for decades across many genres. Kate, an established artist, has an affair with a young lesbian, Molly, who spends many of her days caring for her sick friends and pulls Kate into AIDS activism.

A young editorial assistant in the UK just bought the rights to republish this novel across the pond in the fall. Loving Her is a short novel about a black woman trying to find her place in the world.