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These were the suburbs of Downtown then. There were more than one spring. So really, these neighborhoods started because they were the most sensible places you could build a house. There is a good reason they built there. The TV is broadcasting baseball; service is fast and friendly — plates of hot, buttered corncakes hit the table as soon as you sit down.

The walls are covered in framed photos of celebrities.

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Fried okra and black-eyed peas and collard greens are delicious and filling; sweet potato pie seals the deal. But most of the other spaces in the Panorama Shopping Center are empty, as so many are along Charleston. But the downside of the neglect is that people start to move farther out, leaving blight. Like many cities, Las Vegas has the core, where some buildings are old enough and neglected benignly enough that they offer some potential to preserve charming architectural styles. But then there are the miles in the middle, the love of which is often hard-won. We just had massive growth, and a lot of big-box-anchored strip malls.

The biggest conundrum may not be the housing but the strip malls — dozens of them line Charleston, east and west.

Films set in Nevada

We do need little stores, and small spaces will be in demand. Still, so much can happen in the elbow of one of these weathered strip malls on Charleston over the course 30 years or so. A man can leave his successful career in hospitality, discover his love of plants and home decorating, and make a business of it, opening a retail outlet on Charleston. All in a tiny corner of an oft-ignored strip mall on Charleston. But today, the conversation is about his busy shop.

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People come back because there is a reputation, and you earn that reputation with integrity and honesty. Riddle kindly shows me around the store — aisles so tight you can barely squeeze through, and silk plants and decorative tree branches tucked in and above the shelves.

The Wild Wild West - Wikipedia

The books are in immaculate condition. Classic pop and rock play on the radio, and among the books are also collectible statues: Wonder Woman, Superman. Behind the counter there are rows of clean, handwritten pullboxes for customers who pre-order a certain comic book. I grew up here.

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I went to Clark High School. Thirty years ago, if you were on West Charleston, you were the dude, you were in a good place.

And I still think you are. I have come to think that despite its rough-and-tumble stretches and its pockets of blight, Riddle could be right about this. Flex has been a gay bar since the s, and long before that it was the Hyde Park Lounge, reflecting the neighborhood around it, which was built in the s and s.

Change characterizes a lot here. As newer theaters were built in outlying areas, Red Rock 11 was closed. Charleston was built in to provide both inpatient and outpatient care. Such developments served to push still more residential and business construction westward on Charleston. But no single development affected West Charleston more in the last three decades than Summerlin. On this block at W.

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But much of the rest of this area, not dominated by gaming, says something more like comfortable, upper-middle-class Western suburbia. You make a good point, Ron. We walk through the building, which is a maze of oddly placed steps and strangely placed doors — different building permits allowed for varying add-ons over the years, which have grown the building to 7, square feet — and Tebha reminisces.

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