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Embrace Your Unique Talents & Gifts and Share them with the World!
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As you heal, grow, expand, and evolve, you light the way for others to do the same! The world has changed.

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This is a time of authentic power. This is a time of true passion and purpose. This is a time of enlightened entrepreneurship.

However, it is up to YOU as to where you direct your attention and set your intention. Towards your greatest good to experience both spiritual fulfilment and financial success? I hope and wish so.

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So that you can eventually:. The wonderful news is that when you apply every step of the Authentic Business Success as an Enlightened Entrepreneur journey you can definitely enjoy the fruit from the seeds that you planted much faster than you would have on your own. Let me help, support and serve you on this journey so that we can TRULY thrive together today, tomorrow and beyond.

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To enlighten your MIND, empower your HEART and inspire your SOUL to become an enlightened entrepreneur and achieve authentic business success on your own way and terms, I want to leave you with my last, but not least words of wisdom to support you to keep on shining your brilliance when fear, worry or doubt starts to creep in.

As an enlightened entrepreneur, you step over the edge and move forward in faith so you find freedom, fulfilment and fun. If you want more clarity, courage and confidence, you remember that clarity, courage or confidence comes when you apply the Law of G. In other words, you take decisive, inspired and authentic action. If your habit, ritual or spiritual practice is to give generously to others, you remember that you must also give in equal amounts to yourself so that your body, mind, heart and soul can heal, align, dance, sing and truly thrive together.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, you remember to feel grateful, honored and blessed for YOUR unique brilliance, gifts and talents.

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The Enlightened Entrepreneur Free Workshop - Business Innovations Center

Big corporate is an evolutionary experiment along with socialism, capitalism, democrat, republican, left wing and right wing. Take away a one-sided ideology and you unleash rampant resourcefulness and ingenuity. People begin to think holistically again, take responsibility and become more adaptable. But who is going to find them? Now that trend is returning. A lot of the larger institutions now look outside their walls for expert help and new ideas.

But to succeed in the present economic climate, the new breed of entrepreneur will have to be highly differentiated, principled and heroic. They will not be competing on price, but on values. There is nobody coming to save us but our own initiative.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur

In a highly connected world, business and society should be aligned. We need sustainable systems which move away from ego- centric towards world-centric behaviours.

Why entrepreneurial? EELs emerge from within the population on demand to changes in the environment. Open minded and creative, EELs make connections across seemingly unrelated events or sectors. Basically, entrepreneurs are great problem solvers. Read 9 Comments and Reply cancel You must be logged in to post a comment.

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