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  1. Shanghai's Top Al Fresco Restaurants & Terraces – That’s Shanghai
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I was delighted to spot original artwork on the walls, including the handsome horses above, painted by my dear friend, fellow Brit, artist, Gail Foulkes.

Shanghai's Top Al Fresco Restaurants & Terraces – That’s Shanghai

Most of the people who walk through the door at the appointment-only boutique have little more than the set of clothes on their back, or not much more — whatever fits in a backpack, usually. Imagine the feelings they experience when their case-workers connect them to this vital lifeline for gaining the confidence to walk into an interview? Though the boutique is decked out with beautifully ironed and coordinated work outfits in all styles and sizes, many jobs in the area do not require suits and ties.

Jeans and heavy duty clothing are much needed, as are heavy work boots. Sneakers are another hot item. Her co-manager, Gisela, shared how one client she outfitted with back to work clothes and a bracelet, said she had never owned any jewelry in her life. The all-volunteer staff could do with a little more help every now and again, particularly on donation drive days. If you like to sew or you're known for your expert stain-removing techniques, a few hours here and there helping out at Work Ready Apparel would be tremendously well spent.

Simply taking in a load of laundry on a regular basis is another option. Email volunteers cots-homeless. This boutique is not able to accept direct financial donations, but loves nothing more than kind donations of on-trend clothing please, no shoulder pads and donations of new packs of women's and men's underwear, boxer briefs, athletic and dress socks, camisoles and leggings.

Many clients are in their early 20s. If you have gently used clothing suitable for young men and women in the workplace no graphic t-shirts , these items certainly will be put to good use. Because we're going into fall and winter, summer clothing will soon be stored away. Items suitable for the colder months are what's needed right now. Drop off times on Friday, September 9th are Work Ready Apparel is not open to the public otherwise. Location is Corporate Circle, Petaluma There's plenty of parking and volunteers will be on hand to help you hand over armfuls of items!

I was so impressed by the effort that volunteer managers have put into this special place. What a treasure trove for those who have the strength to take the first steps to rebuilding their lives. A big thank-you to Susan and Richard Villa Susan's pictured with me, above for a perfectly suitable setting amidst the pines, redwoods and Eucalyptus of rustic West Petaluma, at the couple's fledgling event space, the enchanted Spring Hill Gardens.

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Most half of the lovely people who showed up to hear me read from the book and enjoy each other's afternoon company for a late afternoon escape from the outside world, are fellows from over the pond. There are a lot of us here in Sonoma County. Spring Hill Gardens is gearing up for an outdoor event season in I'll share more information when its web site is launched.

If you're looking for small event space for future gatherings, feel free to send me an email and I'll connect you with the event maven. I decided NOT to put this book on Amazon this fall, as my local partners have been so incredibly supportive of my publishing efforts and I think it's best all around if we support their sales and keep commerce in our community. Anyone who'd like to order the book from afar may do so directly via Paypal on the book's website by clicking here or find a button on the sidebar of Southern Sonoma Country Life homepage.

I will pop your copy in an envelope, hand address and take it to the post office, where the friendly clerks are always happy to see me with an armful of book packages. I'm getting to the last few boxes of first book, Fog Valley Crush and expect them to sell out at events over the holiday season.

If you haven't read the first, please do, but reading the second is not dependent on the first. I wrote it as a stand-alone, even though it is a companion book. Mark your calendars! Hot on the heels of the Olympic Games, Northern California's fittest bunch of folk have their own competitive edge taken care of with games more suited to the farming culture of our region!

The Farmer's Guild is an agricultural community founded by farmers for farmers who collaborate toward the economic viability of local agriculture as well as the social networks necessary to attract, cultivate and sustain a new generation ready to work the land while building a healthier food system. Back in , a handful of young farmers and ranchers convened over dinner to talk shop, trade ideas and share their experiences working to reform our agricultural system from the ground up.

New friendships, opportunities and partnerships hard to find in rural areas grew. This dynamic group soon multiplied. Chefs and local food advocates joined the mix, young farmers began arriving from neighboring counties. They soon outgrew the kitchen table and found an ally in FarmsReach , an online resource where farmers connect, share advice, and find the resources they need to succeed. Marcus Off-Duty by Marcus Samuelsson Release date: October 21, We're intimately familiar with Marcus Samuelsson's cuisine here at Food Republic — Samuelsson is one of our co-founders, a good friend and as you may have heard, a pioneering chef.

With restaurants all over the world, Samuelsson's new cookbook focuses on the dishes he makes at home when he's not winning every award ever, or being awesome on TV. Read the stories behind some of his most cherished recipes, like mac and cheese with greens and Durban curry buns also known as bunny chow. Need a playlist to cook to? Chef's got you covered. We'll get that mythical Cronut one day. Oh yeah, we will. Prune by Gabrielle Hamilton Release date: November 4, The first thing you'll notice about Gabrielle Hamilton's first cookbook, named for her East Village restaurant, is that its cover is a prune-colored riff on a Moleskin notepad.

The second through eleventh things will hopefully be the Bloody Mary variations that keep guests lining up at Prune just about every weekend morning.

Peruse recipes, including a whole chapter entitled "Garbage," featuring tantalizing recipes created from throw-away ingredients mmmm, bread heels and pan drippings! If you loved Hamilton's best-selling Blood, Bones and Butter , now you can cook along! In his debut cook, he details the theory behind is award-winning plant-based cooking for more, read our recent profile and gives readers a few of his signature recipes like potato snow. People take their salads seriously and use a variety of rich and filling ingredients to create hearty flavors. Substantial Salads is here to help, offering one hundred diverse recipes for seasonal green and whole-grain salads, as well as dressings.

If your vegetable game could be a little more…vibrant, for instance, this is the book that will revolutionize those weekly farmers market trips. You've never had vegetables, raw or cooked, this delicious. You know who you are, kale and quinoa. You studs, you. Learn how to make colorful salsas, crunchy snacks, fruity cocktails and, of course, a number of tacos go for the deep-fried Baja-style fish variety suitable for both easy weeknight meals and larger fiestas.

The fact of the matter is that the cuisine is underappreciated: just take a look at this rendition of a full English breakfast. Or this English breakfast quiche. Basically, we concluded that German cuisine is awesome. Like pretzel bread. Mmmm, pretzel bread.

What does that mean, exactly? The Pizza Bible covers the homemade basics behind nine different regional styles of pizza — from standards like Neapolitan, Roman and Chicago to renowned sub-specialties like St. Louis and Californian. In addition to recipes for dishes so seasonal you might as well eat them right off the plant, tree or bush, the book's photography of the food in its actual native environment — the kitchen and dining room — is an exceptional treat.

The Test Cook Episode 1: The Cuban Sandwich Assignment

A must-have for fans of big, heavy, instantly classic cookbooks. A more complex alternative to the same-old lemon or lime twists, shrubs provide a naturally fruity, tangy kick to sodas and cocktails. In addition to a number of classic and creative infusion recipes, the book contains a detailed history of shrubs and step-by-step photography. Some serious, no-nonsense insight into a topic that we care about.

Deeply care about. There are also 50 step-by-step techniques on how to properly cook meat and some expert advice from butchers. Complete with a foreword from Andrew Zimmern, the paperback packs in recipes involving sausages, confits, salumi, pates in a variety of internationally-inspired preparations — think Banana Leaf-Wrapped Porchetta, Lebanese Lamb Sausages and Mexican Chorizo.


Pearsall Release date: November 4, Bacon. Bacon and eggs. Author Jennifer L. Pearsall explores dishes ranging from comfort to extraordinary, basic to complex and across the spectrum of breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and — of course — dessert.