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Like this: Like Loading About rhapsodyinbooks We're into reading, politics, and intellectual exchanges. Bookmark the permalink. Quite an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it, I had never heard of it before. Sandy Nawrot youvegottaread says:. That almost made me cry. Barbara says:. BermudaOnion says:. Wow, what an inspirational story — he had an amazing mom!

That book looks beautiful!

Trish says:. Staci LifeintheThumb says:. Alyce AtHomeWithBooks says:. Wow — 12 miles to visit and then back again in the same night is astounding! Jenners says:.

David Isay — Listening as an Act of Love - The On Being Project

I so fail in comparison. Vasilly says:.

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Malcolm and Barbara: Love's Farewell (Alzheimer's Documentary) - Real Stories

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There they set up their tents, dance on the beach in their underpants, and kiss. In a long-distance journey, hopping from point to point by light aircraft, we experienced it all — just like the perfect film — action, comedy, drama and romance. Packing a real punch! His next flight was the day after.

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins | SLJ Review

Belonging to Kenya, it traces a border for humans and a wide open savannah for the wild animals. But that day it was raining cats and dogs. We stop over in Tabora to fill up and then pick up more passengers in Katavi. After all, just two weeks later, that same young pilot would take us home, loading us onto his twelve-seater aircraft from Mahale to Kilimanjaro, with a fixed smile, the usual welcome brief and no hint of being fed up after that day-long flight. Those flights would become just another way of getting from one place to another, with people getting on and off at different stops every time.

The first friendships were formed there, on the seats of those little Cessna B Grand Caravans, like at those narrow school desks, sharing intimacy and adrenaline with a person who apparently has nothing in common with you except having to go in the same direction. And if I dare to put an imprint on this paradise I had better get it right. A year after that perfect day in June , Zoe joined him and took that same decision. Over time, together they built the extraordinary life of a family deliberately shipwrecked on Kangwena Beach, and Greystoke Mahale, a camp like something out of a fantasy story.

A safari in Africa, whether it was our first or our umpteenth, had the power to immediately tune us into another lifestyle.

Night fell on the camp as if someone had flicked a switch. We discovered a different side to ourselves, capable of new challenges. The latecomers were top of the class, always ready, perfectly equipped for the morning game drive, even before dawn. Everyone forgot what day of the week it was, we simply regulated ourselves by the sun, with the alternating light and dark. The safari rituals took us adults back in time, as if we were living in an exotic school camp inhabited by small groups of budding explorers, dominated by a spontaneous spirit of brotherhood, sharing and adventure.

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  6. We became wiser, more intuitive, more curious, in a word, better. Christmas was born on Christmas Day and now he was twenty. Word of Christmas had reached every corner of Tanzania, because there was always a guide, a manager or a guest who had spent time in Mahale and missed Greystoke and Christmas the bully. Christmas was given the front page in the family album of Greystoke Mahale.